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Hot Lunch Program-SWT-Dec-19-1937-p-5.png
Detailing of the WPA hot lunch project's impact for school students including the Calfee Training School.

Pres. Coolidge_s Sec. Shows Interest in Calfee-SWT-Jul-15-1924-p-5.png
Secretary to President Calvin Coolidge, expresses interest in the Calfee Training School.

Announcing the marriage and wedding ceremony of Miss Cathleen Jenkins and Dr. Maceo Santa Cruz

10.13.1958. _Solution Seems No Nearer_.jpg
News story on the second month of school closings in Virginia, some by the Governor, after federal courts ordered Black students be admitted to white schools.

Pulaski Southwest Times, Jan 31, 1960.pdf
Mrs. Hattie Eddie, mother of an eighth grade student, Sandra Patterson, withdraws her and her daughter's names from the integration case scheduled with the Virginia Pupil Placement Board.

Pulaski Times Journal, Jan 09 1977. p. 18.pdf
Mrs. Mary Baker, Mrs. Maude Toler, and Mrs. T.G. Howard remember their time teaching in one-room Black schools. Five out of seven schools for Black children were one-room schools: West Dublin, Draper Colored, Christian Hill, Little Creek Colored, and…

Copy of Calfee Faculty in Radford News Journal - Maude Toler - 1_9_1977.pdf
Mrs. Mary Baker, Mrs. Maude Toler, and Mrs. T.G. Howard reminisce on their teaching experiences.

Radford News Journal 5_6_1966 Negroes Protest School Zoning.pdf
A group of Black residents protest new school zoning system in Radford City.

Radford News Journal 4_15_1966 Negro Schools Out.pdf
New zoning laws forcing the closing of Fred Wygal School, a school for African American children in Radford, Virginia.
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