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Margaret Edds.pdf
Short summaries of court cases leading to desegregation

Afro-American 07_26_1952.pdf
short article on Percy Corbin’s death (at bottom of clipping)

New York Amsterdam News 05_12_1951.pdf
450 striking students returned to Farmville's Moton High School after a two-week protest over segegration. Gov. John Battle ordered them to return to school. (Article refers to P.C. Corbin Case)

Chicago Defender 05_12_1951.pdf
Percy Corbin files lawsuit to end "separate but equal" as it relates to high schools

Roanoke Times 05_06_1951.pdf
Pulaski County awaits decision on desegregation lawsuit in Court of Appeals. Outcome to affect school systems across the South.

Roanoke Times 11_21_1950.pdf
Judge Barkdales reverses earlier decision in wake of Court of Appeals ruling and orders school board to provide equal facilities

Richmond Times-Dispatch 11_21_1950.pdf
Judge Barksdale orders equal school facilities for Black students in Pulaski County

Roanoke Times 12_25_1949.pdf
Pulaski County school board plans to renovate and develop schools faces challenges pending court rulings on segregated schools

Roanoke Times 11_29_1949.pdf
School board goes into closed session to privately discuss implications of court anti-discrimination ruling

Richmond Times-Dispatch Nov 15, 1949.pdf
Appeals court in Baltimore rules Pulaski Black families are discriminated against in high school educational provisions
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