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Recognition of Virginia civil rights figures Barbara Johns, Reuben Lawson advances in Washington - C.pdf




Principal Robinson discusses recent trip to Richmond for Va Teachers Association annual meeting.

Virginia Voter's League held "Queens" contest at Calfee School


SWT 1-6-1997 CD Harmon feature - fullpage (DSC09341).jpg
Southwest Times article Jan 6, 1997 highlighting career of Chauncey Harmon through Dr Wayne Tripp's thesis project.

Pulaski County, Virginia | National Archives.pdf
Enlargeable images used by Marshall and Spotswood in 1947 Pulaski lawsuit, comparing conditions in white and Black high school facilities. Note: link available on Calfee drive, but without embedded hyperlinks to larger images at…

Radio IQ.pdf
NPR Interview Transcript with Dorothy Venable, Mickey Hickman,Wayne Tripp, etc. regarding Calfee preservation. Note: could an audio copy of this be included in the museum?
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